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TermUniversal, Whole Life, Term 100 and Mortgage Insurance.

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The unexpected usually happens suddenly.
Slipping on ice, sports or car accidents, illness..

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Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Dental Care.

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Life Insurance Basics – 4 Key Questions

 1. Do I Need Life Insurance?  – Yes, if someone will suffer financially, if you die.

 2. How much do I need? – Usual answer is 10 to 15 times your income.

 3. What kind should I buy? – Varies, but generally Term Insurance with a length set until your   youngest child reaches age 23. Other types are great for estate planning, tax sheltering , your mortgage, etc.

 4. How much does it cost? –  Depends on your health, but if your:

Age 30 wanting 250,000 = $12.15 per month
Age 40 wanting 1 million=$39.60 a month 


The first moment you thought about life insurance was probably when you got married or had your first child. It’s usually when you realize the people you love depend on the income you bring home and if that stops for any reason, your family will be at a loss financially.

Your insurance needs change over time and the insurance industry has also changed. If you haven’t done a review lately, you may be surprised at the new products and additional savings available.

Many major life events can be a reason to review your policy. Some examples are: having more kids, buying a home, getting a higher paying job, kids leaving for college, wanting to invest, divorce, retirement, loss of a spouse, estate planning. If you haven’t done a check of the marketplace, or if its been awhile since your last review, go to out our quote page and find out what you’re missing. We’ve got you covered: Click for a free life insurance quote!


Helping Calgarians for 20 yrs. – we’re an Insurance Broker not just an Agent.

We’ve been saving Calgary residents time and money for over 20 years. We’re a broker and therefore have access to over 30 of the top Life Insurance Companies that deal in Canada. We can compare the prices and plans from these top firms and find the insurance policy that’s right for your situation. We’ll save you lots of time and trouble trying to research the market yourself. We work for you and have no loyalty to a particular insurance company, our loyalty stays with you, the client.

Experienced and professional, we shop the market, so you don’t have to.

A typical insurance agent is tied to only one insurance company and can only sell policies from their company’s line of insurance products. That means that you, the client is shown a very limited selection in a large marketplace and may miss out on the best insurance deals.

We’re a Calgary company helping clients make sense of insurance.

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