Life Insurance Calgary

Health and Dental Plans


Provincial health care does not cover all the costs for:

  • Dental
  • Drugs
  • Vision
  • Ambulance
  • Medical aids
  • Chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy and more
  • Preferred hospital accommodation
  • Home nursing
  • Other

If you don’t have a medical and dental plan, health care costs can add up. These costs need to be covered as they come in and they often seem to come in at inopportune times. Many people will incur some of these costs every month for the rest of their lives. Many families take into account their current, future and possible surprise costs when deciding on a health and dental plan. If you have a growing family, dental payments can become quite expensive and many families choose to set up a level monthly payment and enjoy peace of mind knowing any unforeseen costs will be covered.

A family or individual plan can save you an enormous amount of money in the long run.

Be Careful: Some plans can exclude some of your existing medications.

Caution: Many plans have a lifetime maximum allowable amount that you can claim.

Tip: Your cost for health & dental might be much less than you think when you subtract the cost for services you are already using.

Tip: The cost of these plans are tax deductible if you are self-employed and they’re tax deductible at your top marginal tax rate.  When you factor in the tax savings, these plans can be much more affordable than you think.